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Sweet Dimple specialises in contemporary, bespoke products and personalised framed pieces of art to help mark life's milestones in an individual and unique way. The company was launched in May 2008 by two experienced graphic designers with a passion for interior design with a retro feel and love the challenge of creating something original just for you. Each design is hand assembled with care and precision, using gorgeous components sourced worldwide to deliver something memorable, whatever the occasion. Everything is individual and each picture is different, not something off the peg! The designers are always on the look out for vintage embellishments and buttons, utilising everything from antique maps and stamps to real pearls and 60s brooches. Sweet Dimple want to create something contemporary and beautiful for the homw that can be reasured for years to come.

Hannah Nunn  is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of plant forms and flowers. Hannah makes botanical studies by drawing with light and shadow. She works with paper - cutting, layering and engraving to create her designs.  She loves to cut the designs by hand with a craft knife but also uses laser cutting technology to create very intricate detail. The work that you see here is a mixture of both techniques. Adding the light is the final colour in her palette and brings the whole design to life! The result is a stunning collection of ambient indoor lighting.

Prints Charming The talented design duo Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor from Prints Charming are well acquainted with the art of hand printing and textile design. Their love of textile design and handmade craft goes back to childhood. Both of them were lucky to have wonderfully creative mothers, so they always had beautiful fabrics and colourful mysterious things around.

Prints Charming's hand printed fabrics are printed in the studio and due to the organic nature of hand printing these are all fabulously unique as no two prints are the same. The first word thought of to describe their design process is "evolving", with often just a colour or simple motif as a starting point which can be taken in a multitude of directions. Since no computers are used at all in the design process all fabrics retain a hand designed look. 

Their print design studio doubles as a fabric and craft store in Sydney, Australia. This means that Kirsten and Cath are able to chat directly withthe customer and find out what they like. 'Ooh what's that fabric?" is often heard at the studio - this might be the smallest piece hanging on a pin board that will then be revisited to create a new design.
The studio is also home to many like-minded crafters who come to in to join classes run by the Prints Charming team. There are a range of crafting courses to choose from; quilting, embroidery, simple sewing and the always popular printing workshops. It's always a thrill to share knowledge and create beautiful things so it's the icing on the cake for Kirsten and Cath when others enjoy what they've made as much as they do.

Linda Bloomfield trained and worked as a scientist before becoming a potter. She learnt to throw at private lessons in a potter's studio as well as at various pottery classes in England, Japan and the USA.
Linda throws functional pots in porcelain. She is primarily interested in form and surface texture. Shapes are kept simple, with faint throwing lines left and dimples sometimes added. She uses tactile satin matt magnesia glazes on the outsides to enhance the forms and clear or coloured, fluid glazes on the insides for functionality. All her work is high fired and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sue Candy produces individual contemporary tableware and accessories, from her workshop in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

"All my work is hand-built from porcelain clay slabs constructed as delicate boxes. Each piece is then hand-decorated using mainly sgraffito (scratching into the surface) and inlay techniques, and is therefore unique in its design.
The pieces are fired twice in my old re-conditioned front-loading kiln. I have tried various clay body and glaze combinations, but have settled on a French porcelain called Limoges, and a rather delicious transparent glaze which is silky to the touch, and enhances the cleanness of the lines and form. All the work is food-safe and waterproof.
I call them 'Mustard', 'Tealight', 'Jewellery' etc., but the uses to which they can be put are limited only by the imagination! Or if function isn’t your thing, then they can be used for... nothing at all!"

Rachel Henderson graduated with a Degree inTextile Design from Grays School of Art in Scotland in 2002 specialising in knitwear. Shortly after graduatingshe began working for Rowan Yarns as a Design Consultant and travelling Workshop tutor. During this time Rachel designed and supplied a range of quirky handmade accessories to arty boutiques in Edinburgha s well as to various craft and sewing publications. In an attempt to inspire people with her creative ideas and encourage traditional craft, Rachel went on to author four craft books which can be found in America, Australia, Finland and Singapore. In recent years she decided to set up her own business selling a collection of unique craft taster kits to shops across Britain, as well as running a range of innovative craft and textile courses at venues throughout the UK. She also continues to designa nd sell her freelance work.
Handmade by Hayley is a small independent jewellery label that creates fun, colourful and eclectic jewellery. Hayley graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Fashion Design with Technology in 2007. Straight out of University, Hayley moved to America to design jewellery for Abercrombie & Fitch, where her love of jewellery making began. Hayley returned home a year or so later to follow her passion and handmade by Hayley was born. Hayley now works from her studio at home in Corbidge, Northumberland. Hayley has a firm belief that handmade designer accessories needn't cost the earth and should be accessible to everyone. The pieces are designed to update any outfit, adding a splash of colour. The eclectic mix of fabrics, prints, beads and ribbons add charm and individuality to each piece.
Lucie Summers of Summersville is passionate about fabrics, colours and pattern. She lives in an untidy and somewhat chaotic farmhouse in Suffolk surrounded by kids, chickens, a ginger cat and a bemused husband and lots of potatoes. Lucie's whimsical hand drawn designs are made into silk screens and she spends many a happy hour printing onto fabric and paper that gets sent to happy folk around the globe. She is quietly planning on tkaing over the world, one square inch of printed fabric at a time...
Rachel Lucie is a lover of all things that sparkle. She is inspired by icons of the past and present, as well as the love of nature. Mother of two and a background in science, it is with love and grace that she feels blessed to have found her chosen vocation. She sources semi-precious stones and puts them together to honour what Rachel feels she is destined to do. "I was drawn to jewels and glittery things as a child. I used to spend hours playing with my gran's old bead box, threading up some of the remnants of her beautiful old jewellery.  She owned a string of pearls ever since she was 21 and wore them every week - they were part of who she was!" Rachel's originality and sense of colour is incorporated into her style. Semi precious stones, pearls and unusually sourced elements, help to create and inspire Rachel Lucie Jewellery Designs. Having a Rachel Lucie design in your jewellery box is having a unique accessory for you to wear that is timesless.


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