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About us

Whilst taking time out from teaching after having her 3 children, Karen was able to indulge in her enthusiasm for knitting and textiles. Along with a couple of friends in a similar position, they produced an informal co-operative, selling their wares locally. This heightened Karen's passion for all things handmade, so when her youngest child started full-time school she wanted to create a shopping experience where it was possible to find unique, beautiful and functional products that ooze the charm and originality you can only get with something handmade. "Blueberry Park" was born.

Karen and her team live by William Morris' motto of "never having anything in your home that you don't consider to be beautiful or useful". In fact the team believe all their items are not only beautiful, but also useful - a double whammy that no doubt William Morris himself would be impressed with!

If you think you like the look of our handcrafted items, they look and feel even better in the flesh. The texture and feel of all our products brings the items to life that only seeing and touching can believe. So if you think you like something, trust us, when you see it you will LOVE it!

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